Trudy Heller

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This paper attempts a partial, critical look at the construction and use of case studies in ethics education. It argues that the authors and users of case studies are often insufficiently aware of the literary nature of these artefacts: this may lead to some confusion between fiction and reality. Issues of the nature of the genre, the fictional,(More)
The practice of public health involves the application of evidence to improving population health, and should be accountable to the public. Accountability to the public can be considered either at the individual doctor-patient interface or through population-level policy making. The public, at both patient and population levels, should join the(More)
The practice of public health has been criticized as being too involved with a narrow, managerial agenda focused on health care rather than the wider horizons of public good. Public accountability is central to the practice of public health, but is not mentioned in current definitions. We offer a new definition that recognizes the centrality of the public,(More)