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Studies of the effect of diazepam and related compounds on the rewarding properties of brain stimulation as measured by response rates have not yielded clear results, with self-stimulation performance reported to be potentiated, diminished, or unchanged following drug administration. In this study, the effect of two doses of diazepam (2.5 and 5.0 mg/kg) and(More)
PURPOSE To assess the reproducibility of myelin water fraction (MWF) and geometric mean T2 (GMT2 ), which are in vivo markers of pathological changes underlying disability and progression in diseases such as multiple sclerosis. MATERIALS AND METHODS Five healthy volunteers were scanned twice within 24 hours at six different sites using the same(More)
In the past decade, there has been considerable emphasis on developing and refining the measurement instruments used to assess the rewarding effect of brain stimulation. These efforts have given rise to quantitative methods aimed at revealing the underlying neurophysiology and neuroanatomy by tracing the trajectories of the relevant neurons. In this paper,(More)
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