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BACKGROUND Portal-systemic shunts (PSSs) are rarely seen in healthy individuals or patients with non-cirrhotic liver disease. They may play an important role in hepatic metabolism as well as in the spread of gastrointestinal metastatic tumours to specific organs. Small spontaneous PSSs may be more common than generally thought. However, epidemiological data(More)
The development of a quality assurance activity for the handling of cytotoxic drugs in a hospital pharmacy department is explained. The exposure of hospital pharmacy personnel to cytotoxic drugs even in small amounts may present a health hazard. A method was developed to periodically evaluate and verify pharmacy staff adherence to procedures for the safe(More)
Group is dedicated to equipping state leaders with a competitive edge by alerting them to emerging trends that are most likely to alter state resource allocations and policy priorities. As part of its 2005 trends research, CSG will monitor the following 10 change drivers as they impact health care providers, patients and the policy-makers who work with(More)
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