Trude Haecker

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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES The association between functional illiteracy and poor health has led to pediatric literacy promotion programs in the primary care setting. These interventions do not address linked parental literacy needs. An obstacle to referring adults to literacy services is the lack of an instrument that can efficiently identify individuals(More)
BACKGROUND One in 4 US adults have poor health literacy, unable to read and understand written medical information. Current tools that assess health literacy skills are too lengthy to be useful in routine clinical encounters. OBJECTIVE To determine which of 7 screening questions is most useful for identifying parents with adequate health literacy. (More)
Infants born preterm spend their first weeks to months in neonatal intensive care units, receiving care from numerous professionals, mostly nurses and physicians. Technological advances in perinatal and neonatal care, prophylactic use of exogenous surfactant, and developmentally sensitive nursing care, among other advances, have greatly improved survival(More)
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