Truc L. Nguyen

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Lazy-CSeq is a context-bounded verification tool for sequentially consistent C programs using POSIX threads. It first translates a multi-threaded C program into a bounded nondeterministic sequential C program that preserves bounded reachability for all round-robin schedules up to a given number of rounds. It then reuses existing high-performance bounded(More)
We describe a new CSeq module for the verification of multi-threaded C programs with dynamic thread creation. This module implements a variation of the lazy sequentialization algorithm implemented in Lazy-CSeq. The main novelty is that we now support an unbounded number of context switches and allow unbounded loops, while the number of allowed threads still(More)
In this paper we present Vac, an automatic tool for verifying security properties of administrative Role-based Access Control (RBAC). RBAC has become an increasingly popular access control model, particularly suitable for large organizations, and it is implemented in several software. Automatic security analysis of administrative RBAC systems is recognized(More)
We present the MU-CSeq tool for the verification of multi-threaded C programs with dynamic thread creation, dynamic memory allocation, and pointer arithmetic. It is based on sequentializing the programs over the new notion of individual memory location unwinding (IMU). IMU is derived from the notion of memory unwinding that has been implemented in the(More)
Effects of pre-oxidation on algal separation by dispersed air flotation were examined. Ozone (O3) and peroxone (O3 and H2O2) could induce cell lysis, release of intracellular organic matter (IOM), and mineralization of organic substances. Separation efficiency of algal cells improved when pre-oxidized. Total of 76.4% algal cells was separated at 40 mg/L of(More)
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