Troy Ribaudo

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Near-infrared epsilon-near-zero (ENZ) metamaterial slabs based on silver-germanium (Ag-Ge) multilayers are experimentally demonstrated. Transmission, reflection and absorption spectra are characterized and used to determine the complex refractive indices and the effective permittivities of the ENZ metamaterial slabs, which match the results obtained from(More)
We demonstrate strong coupling between a surface plasmon and intersublevel transitions in self-assembled InAs quantum dots. The surface plasmon mode exists at the interface between the semiconductor emitter structure and a periodic array of holes perforating a metallic Pd/Ge/Au film that also serves as the top electrical contact for the emitters. Spectrally(More)
The optical properties of periodic arrays of subwavelength apertures in metal films on GaAs substrates are studied. Specifically, geometric and material losses for these plasmonic structures are characterized using angular dependent transmission, normal incidence reflection, and angular dependent diffraction experiments, in addition to a crossed-polarizer(More)
We demonstrate room temperature midinfrared electroluminescence from intersublevel transitions in self-assembled InAs quantum dots. The dots are grown in GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructures designed to maximize current injection into dot excited states while preferentially removing electrons from the ground states. As such, these devices resemble quantum cascade(More)
We demonstrate active voltage-controlled spectral tuning of mid-infrared plasmonic structures. Extraordinary optical transmission gratings were fabricated on n-doped GaAs epilayers with a HfO 2 gate dielectric between the grating and the doped semiconductor. The permittivity of the GaAs was tuned by depleting charge carriers below the top grating gate upon(More)
A patterned metal film with a periodic array of subwavelength apertures, fabricated upon a semiconductor substrate and designed to possess transmission resonances in the midinfrared is interrogated with a wavelength-tunable external cavity quantum cascade laser. The interaction of the coherent light with this plasmonic structure is studied using a spatially(More)
Periodic arrays of subwavelength apertures in metal films have been shown to exhibit strongly enhanced transmission at wavelengths determined by the periodicity of the film as well as the optical properties of the metal and surrounding dielectric material. Here we investigate the coupling between such a grating and a Quantum Cascade Laser. By actively(More)
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