Troy N. Simon

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Increasing current velocity has been negatively correlated with the fertilization success of marine broadcast-spawning invertebrates. Seagrass has been shown to affect seawater hydrodynamics by slowing the movement of water. In this study we aimed to tease apart the relationship between fertilization success in sea urchins inside and outside of seagrass(More)
The role of ditches as reservoirs for or contributors to regional diversity has rarely been assessed. In this study, we aimed (1) to assess the effect of ditches on aquatic faunal assemblages of first order streams and (2) to assess the extent to which the animal communities in altered streams that are crossed by ditches resembled those found in nearby(More)
Species coexistence may result by chance when co-occurring species do not strongly interact or it may be an evolutionary outcome of strongly interacting species adapting to each other. Although patterns like character displacement indicate that coexistence has often been an evolutionary outcome, it is unclear how often the evolution of coexistence(More)
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