Troy McGuire

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Autonomic dysreflexia is a potentially fatal condition occurring in quadriplegics and paraplegics whose spinal cord lesion lies above the greater splanchnic outflow. Prompt recognition of common and less common clinical findings and a search for the causative stimulus are essential. Bladder distention and fecal impaction are the two most likely causes.(More)
Nicotine, locally applied to identified neurons in the rat cerebellar cortex, excites inhibitory interneurons, but depresses the discharge of Purkinje cells. Alpha-bungarotoxin blocked the excitatory actions of nicotine on the inhibitory interneurons. The antagonism of nicotine excitatory actions is largely irreversible and also insurmountable with higher(More)
Apoptosis is well described in invertebrates and recently documented in mammals. The prevalence and pathophysiology of mammalian apoptosis is unknown and may have clinical ramifications. The aim of this study is to investigate the apoptotic response during kidney ischemia-reperfusion (I/R) injury. Kidney I/R was initiated in anesthetized rats by occlusion(More)
We report clinical characteristics and outcome of infants <3 months of age hospitalized with pertussis compared with viral respiratory infection (respiratory syncytial virus and influenza). Patients with pertussis more often were afebrile, had more visits before admission, and had longer hospital stays. Household coughing contacts were common.
The agonistic actions of nicotine in the cerebellum were dependent on the type of cerebellar neuron studied. Purkinje cells were inhibited and cerebellar interneurons were excited by pressure-ejected nicotine. The simultaneous iontophoresis of Mg2+ failed to block nicotine agonistic actions on either cell type. Since Mg2+ reduces presynaptic release of(More)