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[1] New tree-ring records of ring-width from remnant preserved wood are analyzed to extend the record of reconstructed annual flows of the Colorado River at Lee Ferry into the Medieval Climate Anomaly, when epic droughts are hypothesized from other paleoclimatic evidence to have affected various parts of western North America. The most extreme low-frequency(More)
SiGe power heterojunction bipolar transistors were fabricated using the Northrop Grumman 6'' bipolar line, which features a polysilicon emitter and SiGe epitaxial base. The power cell utilizes a fishbone structure, with an active area of 500 /spl mu/m/sup 2/ and 1100 /spl mu/m emitter perimeter. Discrete cells were packaged for CW power testing in common(More)
Conservation of angular momentum is a familiar tenet in science but has seldom been invoked to understand (or predict) chemical processes. We have developed a general formalism based on Wigner's original ideas concerning angular momentum conservation to interpret the photo-induced reactivity of two molecular donor-acceptor assemblies with physical(More)
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