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Cryopreserved spermatozoa from 8 bulls were used to examine the interrelationships among flow cytometric spermatozoal quality assessments and classical semen quality parameters and nonreturn rate estimates of fertility. The integrity of the sperm cell membrane and the functional capacity of the mitochondria were quantified by flow cytometry after concurrent(More)
The current page is shown with a dark border so that you can easily identify it in a zoomed out view. Clicking again on a page once it is at its preferred size advances to the next page. Pages in this structure have an absolute location in the workspace. Since zooms and pans are animated, moving from one page to the next implicitly shows the position within(More)
Several fluorescent probes, including derivatives of carboxyfluorescein, carbocyanine, ethidium, and rhodamine, have been used to assess sperm viability. However, the effects of these fluorescent dyes on the metabolic activity of sperm cells have not been systematically examined. This study was conducted to determine the effect of specific fluorescent(More)
The effect of gossypol on testicular development in rams was examined using 2 experimental approaches. Trial I utilized direct ruminal deposition of gossypol acetic acid (GAA; 95% purity), whereas Trial II compared 2 types of dietary cottonseed, regular and glandless. For Trial I, 18 Polypay or Polypay x Dorset ram lambs, aged 4 to 6 mo, were surgically(More)
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