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The bony surfaces of 18 archaeological hemipelves were scanned using a 3D laser surface scanner and CyDir software on a Silicon Graphics workstation. The acetabular area was selected and point data from the approximately spherical bone surface saved. These data were input to a MATLAB routine that calculated the radius and centre of the best-fit sphere. The(More)
It has been suggested that the data already reported should have been analysed by a different method from that which we adopted. The suggested method, which is similar to a certain type of split-plot analysis (e.g. Cochran and Cox, 1957), differs from the method we used in that more than one source of variation is allowed for; e.g. variation between(More)
LIVER involvement in infectious mononucleosis is a well-recognised entity usually causing "hepatitis" or a hepato-cellular dysfunction. have reported a focal infiltration of mononuclear cells with reticulocyte proliferation and necrosis, and in fact one series of fifteen cases (Cohn and Lidman) all showed impairment of the liver as judged by abnormal(More)
The long-term effects of cigarette smoking on the respiratory tract have been studied by many authors by making a comparison between the incidence of clinical symptoms and signs of respiratory disease in smokers and that in non-smokers. The extensive literature on this subject was reviewed in the Report of the Royal College of Physicians on "Smoking and(More)