Troy C. Kohwalter

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Serious games have been used to aid the understanding of concepts that are taught in theoretical classes. However, mistakes made by players may result in failure to complete the game objectives. These mistakes, which are usually difficult to spot or reproduce in subsequent trials, directly jeopardize the learning capabilities of the serious games and are(More)
Software Engineering is an area of computer science that focuses on practical aspects of the software production. The Undergraduate courses of Computer Science have disciplines of Software Engineering, but they are usually taught in a theoretic way and with only a few implementation exercises using the learned techniques and tools. A practical approach for(More)
The usage of provenance data drastically increases the potential for game data mining since it is able to record causes, effects and relationships of events and objects during a game session. However, it commonly requires modifications in the game engine in order to collect such provenance data. The modifications in the game engine may be unviable in(More)
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