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Village politics: Heterogeneity, leadership and collective action
When comparing stratified Fulani village societies, little direct relationship between the degree of heterogeneity and the success in collective action was found, except when heterogeneity amongExpand
Local Institution-Building and Resource Management in the West African Sahel
Summary Trond Vedeld, ‘Local Institution-Building and Resource Management in the West African Sahel’, Forum for Development Studies, No. 1, pp. 23–50. Over the last fifteen years, the World Bank andExpand
A multi-dimensional assessment of urban vulnerability to climate change in Sub-Saharan Africa
In this paper, we develop and apply a multi-dimensional vulnerability assessment framework for understanding the impacts of climate change-induced hazards in Sub-Saharan African cities. The researchExpand
Democratic Decentralisation and Poverty Reduction: Exploring the Linkages
The main aim of this article is to explore certain conditions under which a particular form of decentralisation—defined as democratic decentralisation—will positively affect poverty reduction. ThisExpand
Climate adaptation at what scale? Multi-level governance, resilience, and coproduction in Saint Louis, Senegal
This paper utilizes a multi-level governance framework to explain how and at what scale climate adaptation, exemplified by flood risk management, was governed in the medium-scale city of Saint Louis,Expand
Participation in Project Preparation: Lessons from World Bank-Assisted Projects in India
The study assesses the extent to which the India program, is meeting the Bank's objective of mainstreaming participatory approaches, in project preparation, and design. From a variety of social, andExpand
Multi-level Governance, Resilience to Flood Risks and Coproduction in Urban Africa
This chapter examines how climate change adaptation becomes integrated as a policy field within multi-level governance in the two coastal cities of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and Saint Louis, Senegal.Expand