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Aphanomyces astaci causes crayfish plague in European freshwater crayfish, but most historical epizootics lack agent isolation and identification. Although declared as crayfish plague outbreaks by the Norwegian Competent Authorities, only presumptive diagnoses without agent isolation exist from Norwegian epizootics until 2005. Molecular methods now allow(More)
The non-indigenous signal crayfish Pasifastacus leniusculus was registered for the first time in Norway in October 2006. The location represents an isolated pond about 100 km in air line from the nearest known signal crayfish population in the neighbouring country Sweden without any connecting watercourses. The occurrence is therefore undoubtedly caused by(More)
Management of noble crayfish fisheries varies considerably between countries. Minimum legal harvest sizes range from 70 to 120 mm TL. National, regional and local crayfish harvesting regulations exist. The variations in regulations are strongly influenced by traditions for crayfish harvest and consumption. The current harvest of noble crayfish in Europe is(More)
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