Trond Andresen

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Ultra easy monetary policy and the law of unintended consequences 19 William White Civilizing capitalism 57 Erik Reinert Looking at the right metrics in the right way-Two kinds of models 73 Merijn Knibbe Crisis and methodology: Some heterodox misunderstandings 98 Egmont Kakarot-Handtke Inapplicable operations on ordinal, cardinal, and expected utility 118(More)
Advances in information technology now make it possible for non-government entities, or governments themselves, to establish and run a national parallel paperless monetary system at very low cost and launch it on very short notice. The workings of such a system is described and discussed. Such systems may ameliorate the dire state of affairs in the hardest(More)
Physical currency (bills and coins) is being phased out as an important means of exchange both in developed and developing countries. Transactions are increasingly done by debit card, computer, and mobile phone. This technologically driven process opens up some very useful possibilities, among these new and – for society – beneficial roles for the Central(More)
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