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A major challenge for content management in intranets and other large scale document storage and retrieval services is the generation of high quality metadata. Manual generation of metadata is resource demanding and is often viewed by collection managers and document authors as inefficient use of their time, and there is a desire for other ways to create(More)
The Internet is packed with resources which can be used for educational purposes, referred to as Learning Objects (LOs). Locating the LO which is best suited for your educational purposes can be extremely challenging. This since the context surrounding the LO in regards to intended user group, educational level etc. are not included in the resource. The(More)
Digital libraries (DLs) are new and innovative information systems, under constant development and change, and therefore evaluation is of critical importance to ensure not only their correct evolution but also their acceptance by the user and application communities. The Evaluation activity of the DELOS Network of Excellence has performed a large-scale(More)
This paper presents a generic process and a tool for the conversion of MARC-based bibliographic records to the ER-based model of the Function Requirements for Bibliographic Records. The interpretation of a record, the construction of a new set of records and the final normalization needed, is decomposed into a series of steps that is implemented in the tool(More)
Programming exercises are an important part of an introductory course in programming. To improve the focus on encapsulation, requirements-based testing and give better feedback given to the students during their work, we have created an Eclipse-based plugin called JExercise. Based on a model of an exercise, it presents the structure of requirements to the(More)