Trivikram Garud

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AIM Diaphragmatic disease is rare. This review aims to increase awareness of this condition and its management. METHOD A literature search was conducted using the key terms 'colon' or 'colonic' in combination with 'diaphragm' or 'diaphragm disease' for publications until August 2012. All cases of colonic diaphragm syndrome were identified and the required(More)
Background: Core biopsy is a method of choice for the triple assessment of breast disease as it can reliably distinguish between benign and malignant tumours, between in-situ and invasive cancers and can be useful to assess oestrogen receptor status. This study was carried out to assess the reliability of core biopsy in predicting the grade and type of(More)
Lipomas of the alimentary tract are rare tumours that can mimic malignant lesions. They are often small and asymptomatic although larger tumours can present with intusussception or as abdominal masses. We present a case of a transverse colon submucosal lipoma masquerading as a colonic adenocarcinoma leading to resection. A 74 year-old-man was referred(More)
One of the rare side effects of chronic usage of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs is colopathy, which is characterised by colonic inflammation, ulceration and formation of diaphragms in late stages. We treated a case of colonic diaphragm disease with similar findings in our unit recently. We present the case herewith, followed by a discussion of the(More)
A previously fit man was investigated for right-sided abdominal pain and an appendicular foreign body (FB) caused by ingested lead shot was found. He had associated urinary tract infection causing his symptoms and hence was treated conservatively. We present this rare case, followed by discussion of the causes, investigations, clinical significance and(More)
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