Trivikram Dash

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In this paper, we present a novel hybrid push–pull algorithm which combines broadcasting of push data items, with dissemination upon request of pull items in asymmetric communication environments. These environments are made up only of one database server and many clients. Requests made by the clients are queued up for the pull items. The (pull) item with(More)
With the increasing demands of mobile users for fast transmission of high quality multimedia over wireless networks, R&D on QoS for wireless multimedia has received a great deal of attention. Recently, we have developed an efficient request TDMA/CDMA protocol for wireless multimedia traffic support. In this paper, we generalize the analysis of the hybrid(More)
The explosive demand for multimedia and fast transmission of continuous media on wireless networks means the simultaneous existence of traffic requiring different qualities of service (QoS). In this thesis, several efficient algorithms have been developed which offer several QoS to the end-user. We first look at a request TDMA/CDMA protocol for supporting(More)
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