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Ants as a measure of effectiveness of habitat conservation planning in southern California.
In the United States multispecies habitat conservation plans were meant to be the solution to conflicts between economic development and protection of biological diversity. Although now widelyExpand
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Effects of Large-Scale Wildfires on Ground Foraging Ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in Southern California
ABSTRACT We investigated the effect of broad-scale wildfire on ground foraging ants within southern California. In October and November of 2003, two wildfires burned large portions of the wildlandsExpand
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Historical overview of psychoactive mushrooms
Humans have used psychoactive mushrooms for medical, recreational, religious and ritual purposes since pre-history. Previous studies have clarified that psychoactive mushrooms produce psychoactiveExpand
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Factors influencing motor imagery in children
Introduction/Background Developmental disorder is widely recognized as communication and learning disabilities. However, motor development should also be meticulously evaluated. Some reports haveExpand
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H‐mode by edge ECH in JFT‐2M
H‐mode transition occurred by the edge heating solely by ECH. The launched wave has frequency of 60 GHz and extraordinary mode polarization. The threshold power for the H‐mode transition is as low asExpand