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 The communication revolution that began in the latter portion of the 20 th century has brought a new focus on communication to 21 st century students both in and out of the classroom. In the classroom, student communication is rapidly increasing through the application of active learning strategies and cooperative learning. No longer are students expected(More)
Distributed education is becoming an integral part of the programs at Georgia Tech. However, the traditional mode of synchronous distributed learning (DL) classes has typically suffered from several challenges that hinder effective teaching and learning practices. This paper is a case study that outlines work on a project to implement Tablet PCs into the(More)
This article discusses the evaluation of programmatic interventions to enhance postsecondary STEM education for students with disabilities. SciTrain University, a federally funded project to provide instructor training on accessible teaching according to universal design principles, is presented here as a case study on evaluation for similar programs. This(More)
Accidents postulated to occur involving the chemical interaction of lithium with water and air are analyzed for the blanket test module (BTM) in ITER using two different computer models. The first model is a newly developed thermodynamic equilibrium computer model LINT. The second model uses the MELCOR systems code. The same basic logic used in LINT is(More)
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