Tristan Ravitch

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Android's popularity has given rise to myriad application analysis techniques to improve the security and robustness of mobile applications, motivated by the evolving adversarial landscape. These techniques have focused on identifying undesirable behaviors in individual applications, either due to malicious intent or programmer error. We present a(More)
High-level languages are growing in popularity. However, decades of C software development have produced large libraries of fast, time-tested, meritorious code that are impractical to recreate from scratch. Cross-language bindings can expose low-level C code to high-level languages. Unfortunately, writing bindings by hand is tedious and error-prone, while(More)
Statistical debugging identifies program behaviors that are highly correlated with failures. Traditionally, this approach has been applied to desktop software on which it is effective in identifying the causes that underlie several difficult classes of bugs including: memory corruption, non-deterministic bugs, and bugs with multiple temporally-distant(More)
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