Tristan McMillan

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Previous investigators reported that cricothyroid (CT) muscle usually exhibits phasic inspiratory activity in normal adult humans during wakefulness. The purpose of this study was to determine respiratory-related CT activity in normal adult humans during sleep. Nighttime polysomnograms were performed in 16 subjects. Hooked-wire electrodes were(More)
The combination of overt hydrocephalus and an open myelomeningocele in a newborn has prompted some authors to advocate the repair of the myelomeningocele and the performance of a shunt procedure during the same anesthetic procedure. Advocates of this approach stress the merits of administering only one anesthetic, diminution in incidence of cerebrospinal(More)
INTRODUCTION Treatment-limiting decisions (TLDs) are employed to actively withhold treatment from patients whom clinicians feel would derive no benefit or suffer detrimental effects from further intervention. The use of such decisions has been heavily discussed in the media and clinicians in the past have been reluctant to institute them, even though it is(More)
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