Tristan Lemke

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Empirical studies into obligate pollination mutualisms which elucidate the variation in reproductive performance of shrinking populations within human-altered environments are rare. This study focuses on the obligate pollination mutualism between Trollius europaeus (Ranunculaceae) and fly species of the genus Chiastocheta which act both as the plant’s main(More)
This publication presents the design, fabrication and characterization of a novel piezo-polymer technology, as a main building block for polymer-based MEMS actuators and devices. A high-precision hot embossing process has been developed to fabricate mechanically robust polycarbonate membranes, with a high flatness, large size and small, precise adjustable(More)
The knowledge about determinants of species survival is fundamental in conservation. Beyond determinants affecting local population survival, metapopulation theory emphasises the importance of processes operating on larger spatial scales (e.g. dispersal). We studied dispersal capacity and requirements for seedling recruitment of the threatened fen grassland(More)
Land use change is one of the main drivers of species extinction. In Europe, grasslands are under active conflict between conservation efforts and increasing agricultural pressures. Here, we examine the demographic effects of differential land use on the herbaceous perennial Trollius europaeus L. (Ranunculaceae), a bioindicator of species-richness and(More)
Intravasal temperature measurements during cryosurgery on the A. carotis and V. jugularis of the rabbit are described. Different flow conditions and freezing systems are investigated. The measurements are compared with histological findings. Theoretical investigations about the freezing process give information about the physical condition of a total(More)
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