Tristan Kremp

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We demonstrate a single-frequency Brillouin distributed feedback laser (DFB). The DFB laser cavity was a 12.4 cm long fiber Bragg grating with a π-phase shift offset from the grating center. It exhibited a threshold of 30 mW and conversion efficiency from pump to Stokes wave as high as 27%. Higher-order Stokes waves were suppressed by more than 20 dB. The(More)
We demonstrate parallel fabrication of seven fiber distributed feedback (DFB) lasers in a hexagonally arrayed multicore core Er doped fiber with 40 μm core spacing. DFB grating cavities 8 cm long and operating near 1545 nm were fabricated with a single UV inscription exposure. We observed dual polarization, single longitudinal mode operation with a(More)
We demonstrate fiber distributed feedback (DFB) lasers using Raman gain in two germanosilicate fibers. Our DFB cavities were 124 mm uniform fiber Bragg gratings with a π phase shift offset from the grating center. Our pump was at 1480 nm and the DFB lasers operated on a single longitudinal mode near 1584 nm. In a commercial Raman gain fiber, the maximum(More)
Higher-order mode fiber amplifiers have demonstrated effective areas as large as 6000 μm2, allowing for high pulse energy and peak power amplification. Long-period gratings are used to convert the fundamental mode to the higher-order mode at the entrance to the amplifier, and reconvert back to the fundamental at the exit, to achieve a diffraction limited(More)
In this paper we review recent developments in multicore optical fibers with continuous gratings suitable for various distributed sensing applications including shape, temperature, strain and acoustic signals. We describe an integrated optical fiber assembly for shape sensing. Our shape sensor module consists of a length (>1m) of twisted multicore optical(More)
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