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Understanding mental toughness in Australian soccer: Perceptions of players, parents, and coaches
A winning mentality and desire was identified as a key attribute of mentally tough soccer players in addition to other previously reported qualities such as self-belief, physical toughness, work ethic/motivation, and resilience. Expand
The Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale (CD-RISC): Dimensionality and age-related measurement invariance with Australian cricketers
Abstract Objective This study explored the dimensionality and measurement invariance of the 25-item Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale (CD-RISC; Connor & Davidson, 2003 ) across samples of adult (n =Expand
A subculture of mental toughness in an Australian Football League Club
Abstract Objective The current study aimed to provide a subcultural analysis of mental toughness in a high-performance context in sport. Design Using Schein's (1990) framework of organisationalExpand
A Three‐Domain Personality Analysis of a Mentally Tough Athlete
The study's design showed how a holistic approach to personality analysis can lead to a more complete psychological representation of competitors in sport, and people generally, and demonstrated how motivational, sociocultural, and meaning–making aspects of personality can complement a trait profile to achieving a satisfying assessment of the whole person. Expand
Personality in sport and exercise psychology: Integrating a whole person perspective
This paper draws on contemporary views in personality psychology as a means for understanding people participating in sport and physical activity. Specifically, we focus on McAdams’ integrativeExpand
Stress and Coping in Esports and the Influence of Mental Toughness
Results showed that MT (via both MT frameworks) was associated with perceived control, andMTQ6 subscales were associated with stress intensity, and the MTQ6 and MTI had low shared variance, suggesting that the two questionnaires appear to measure different aspects of MT. Expand
The anatomy of a successful Olympic coach: actor, agent, and author
Little in-depth knowledge is known about the person behind successful coaching. Therefore, the current study was designed to comprehensively examine the personality of a successful Olympic coach.Expand
The tales athletes tell: Narrative structure and identity in Great British medalists.
This work is found to be a highly personal account into the lives of UK-based elite and super-elite athletes, which advances knowledge concerning the psychology and influencing events and circumstances that separate the good from the great performers. Expand
The Association between Esports Participation, Health and Physical Activity Behaviour
Although esports players appear generally healthy, a small group was significantly obese and most esports players did not meet physical activity guidelines, indicating potential future health risks. Expand
Personality assessment I: An integrative approach
This chapter introduces readers to a holistic approach to personality assessment that draws on McAdams’s integrative framework and the tripartite view of the self as a social actor, a motivatedExpand