Tristan B. Smith

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The resource-constrained project scheduling problem with time windows (RCPSP/max) is an important generalization of a number of well studied scheduling problems. In this paper, we present a new heuristic algorithm that combines the benefits of squeaky wheel optimization with an effective conflict resolution mechanism, called bulldozing, to address RCPSP/max(More)
ATHLETE is a large six-legged tele-operated robot. Each foot is a wheel; travel can be achieved by walking, rolling, or some combination of the two. Operators control ATHLETE by selecting parameterized commands from a command dictionary. While rolling can be done efficiently with a single command, any motion involving steps is cumbersome-walking a few(More)
SimYard is a stochastic shipyard simulation tool designed to evaluate the labor costs of executing different schedules in a shipyard production environment. SimYard simulates common production problems such as task delays and labor shortages. A simulated floor manager reacts to problems as they arise. Repeatedly simulating multiple schedules allows the user(More)
Considerable progress has been made over the last 15 years on building adaptive control systems to assist pilots in flying damaged aircraft. Once a pilot has regained control of a damaged aircraft, the next problem is to determine the best site for an emergency landing. In general, the decision depends on many factors including the actual control envelope(More)
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