Trishul Devineni

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Chronic headache is a significant public health problem in Western nations. Although controlled trials demonstrate the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of face-to-face behavioral therapy, most headache sufferers have limited access to these treatments. Delivery of behavioral interventions using Internet technology has the potential to reach a larger number(More)
Male and female college students played the commercial game Memory TM, which required them to recall the location of previously viewed items, and also completed a 20item mental rotation task. As is typical, males performed better than females (d = .67) on the mental rotation task. In contrast, females outperformed males by a large margin (d = .89) on the(More)
Seventy-eight motor vehicle accident survivors with chronic (greater than 6 months) PTSD, or severe sub-syndromal PTSD, completed a randomized controlled comparison of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), supportive psychotherapy (SUPPORT), or a Wait List control condition with two detailed assessments. Scores on the CAPS showed significantly greater(More)
The modified or "emotional" Stroop paradigm has been frequently employed in previous evaluations of information processing models of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other anxiety disorders. These studies have frequently documented an attentional bias to trauma-specific threatening stimuli in PTSD patients. However, the response of the Stroop(More)
Headache is a common complaint. Psychological treatment has been effective in managing the symptoms of vascular (migraine and combined migraine-tension) headache. Traditional office-based treatment may be inconvenient for many patients in terms of time and travel constraints, thereby limiting access. Telemedicine has emerged as a promising delivery medium(More)
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