Trishna Barman

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Aims. We examine the uncertainties in current planetary models and we quantify their impact on the planet cooling histories and mass-radius relationships. These uncertainties include (i) the differences between the various equations of state used to characterize the heavy material thermodynamical properties, (ii) the distribution of heavy elements within(More)
The focus of this paper is on the development of a prosthetic finger prototype following a biomimetic approach. Electromyogram signals are used to actuate the prototype performing flexion-extension and abduction-adduction. Finger joints' torque are transmitted through an antagonastic tendon system. The prototype replicates the dimensions and joint range(More)
A large plasma fireball is formed using a reverse biased planar sputter magnetron source. The magnetic field considerably reduces the contact area of the anode with the plasma and results in the formation of the fireball. Ions are extracted from the fireball using a large voltage cathode sheath of the grounded sample holder. The physical mechanism for the(More)
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