Trisha Woolley

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In this paper, we quantify and assess, from a supply chain network perspective, the environmental effects resulting when a merger or acquisition occurs and the resulting synergy from possible strategic gains. We develop a multicriteria decision-making supply chain network framework that captures the economic activities of manufacturing, storage, and(More)
In this paper, we consider multiproduct supply chains of distinct firms and their horizontal integration. In particular, we develop multiproduct supply chain network models prior to and post their horizontal integration with explicit capacities associated with the economic activities of production, storage, and distribution. In addition, we propose a(More)
In this paper, we develop a modeling and computational framework that allows for the determination of optimal carbon taxes applied to electric power plants in the context of electric power supply chain (generation/distribution/consumption) networks. The adoption of carbon/pollution taxes both internationally and regionally has been fueled by global climate(More)
This study investigated whether anticipation and search strategies of goalkeepers are influenced by temporally and spatially manipulated video of a penalty. Participants were clustered into three groups depending on skill: goalkeepers (n = 17), field players (n = 20) and control group (n = 20). An eye tracker was worn whilst watching 40 videos of a striker(More)
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