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Transfixed in Lesbian Paradise
This narrative essay reflects upon experiences at the Toronto Women's Bathhouse to think about asymmetrical conditions of trans inclusion in lesbian erotic and cultural spaces. It queries theExpand
‘Time isn't after us’: some Tiresian Durations
Drawing upon Jean Laplanche's thinking around afterwardness as translation, this article is an attempt to consider some temporal rhetorics conditioning contemporary possibilities for transgender,Expand
Undoing Trans Studies
Law's Echo Lies In
A girl on the side of the sign. Proposing to a ghost, her orders. See how she breaks the rain. The flood itself. She said. Seems I ever kissed you. U. Oh, for shame, oh unseemly Do you see you kiss,Expand
What Memory Wants: Broken Tongue, Stranger Fugue in Fall on Your Knees
What is it for rules (or rule) to dissolve? Suppose we begin with the notion that both forms and processes are constitutively beholden to—and persistently susceptible to—their own destabilizingExpand
What Memory Wants: BrokenTongue, Stranger Fugue in Fall on Your Knees
Composition ... leads to a staggering conception of history, a history that is open, unstable ... Time no longer flows in a linear fashion; sometimes it crystalizes in stable codes in whichExpand
Backlash to the Future: Screening Transsexuality as Fundamentalism
Two recent films offer troubling representations of transsexuality and insight into the curiously familiar status of transsexual representation within contemporary queer and feminist media: CatherineExpand