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The Art of Life: Merging the Worlds of Art and Science
This paper shows how a digital library, created primarily for the use of biologists, is reaching a broad audience of artists, art historians, exhibition and graphic designers, publishers, and others
Union Catalog of Art Images (UCAI Phase 1): Final Report
This report describes the work done to build a prototype for a union catalog of art images as a proof-of-concept that it is technically possible to create such a union database.
Further Development of a Shared Cataloging Resource for the Visual Resources Community: UCAI Phase Two: Final Report
This report describes efforts to advance and stabilize the intrastructure for a shared cataloging utility for art images by developing a set of production-quality tools that operate on a large,
Unlocking knowledge in biodiversity legacy literature through automatic semantic metadata extraction
Inarguably, curated databases such as the Encyclopedia of Life and NCBI Taxonomy are some of the most fundamental sources of information that is critical to understanding biodiversity. Another rich,
Innovation Fair Abstracts, SPARC 2012 Open Access Meeting
This year, a suite of librarians, technologists, research producers, and publishers presented, in no more than two minutes, innovative or creative approaches to: the use of open content, content discovery, value-added services, impact assessment, commercial innovation, and Open Access advocacy.