Trish Jackson

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The Integral Equation Model (IEM) is the most widely-used, physically based radar backscatter model for sparsely vegetated landscapes. In general, IEM quantifies the magnitude of backscattering as a function of moisture content and surface roughness, which are unknown, and the known radar configurations. Estimating surface roughness or soil moisture by(More)
The standard Monod model for microbial population dynamics in the chemostat is modified to take into consideration that cells can adapt to the change of nutrient concentration in the chemostat by switching between fast and slow nutrient uptake and growing modes with asymmetric thresholds for transition from one mode to another. This is a generalization of a(More)
This paper describes a new approach that allows us to partition the anthropogenic and natural contributions to heavy metal accumulations in roadside agricultural soils. This approach, combining trend analysis and multivariate statistical analysis, partitions total heavy metals into three components: anthropogenic, natural, and unexplained residual. The(More)
An automated sensor has been developed for use in paper manufacturing and for demonstration on a full scale paper machine during commercial operation. This laser ultrasonic sensor provides non-contact and on-line measurement of the elastic properties of paper and paperboard. It was tested on a pilot web handler at web speeds up to 12.7 m/s. Measurements of(More)
A three-dimensional (3D) molecular model of the antigen-combining site of a bovine anti-testosterone monoclonal antibody has been constructed. In the model, the CDRs, and a single heavy chain framework region residue (Trp47), associate to form a hydrophobic cavity large enough to accommodate a single molecule of testosterone. Tyr97 of CDR-H3 lies at the(More)
cDNAs coding for the heavy and light chains of a bovine anti-testosterone IgG1 monoclonal antibody have been cloned and sequenced. These cDNAs are the first to be reported for functionally rearranged bovine immunoglobulin genes. Testosterone binding by the antibody encoded by the cDNAs has been verified by expression of the cDNAs in COS-1 cells and(More)
Microwave remote sensing provides a direct measurement of soil moisture; however, there have been many challenges in algorithm science and technology that we have faced on the path to providing global measurements. Field experiments, especially those involving both ground and aircraft measurements, provide the linkage between spatial scales necessary for(More)
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