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Hepatic synthesis of alpha 2u-globulin in the male rat shows a gradual decline and ultimate loss during aging and senescence. Northern blot analysis with a cloned cDNA probe showed that the decrease in alpha 2u-globulin synthesis during aging is associated with a corresponding decrease in the concentration of its hepatic mRNA. By means of two-dimensional(More)
Changes in the mRNAs coding for specific hepatic proteins in male rats during aging were examined by in vitro translation of the liver mRNA in the rabbit reticulocyte lysate. Characterization of the [35S]methionine-labeled translation products by sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide slab gel electrophoresis followed by autoradiography showed major(More)
Hypophysectomy is known to cause complete suppression of the hepatic synthesis alpha 2u-globulin. The effect of hypophysectomy on the synthesis of alpha 2u-globulin can be reversed by multiple hormone treatment. The role of pituitary growth hormone in the multihormonal regulation of alpha 2u-globulin in rat liver was examined in the hypophysectomized male(More)
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