Tripti Anandan

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Mycobacterium tuberculosis possesses a proteasome system that is required for the microbe to resist elimination by the host immune system. Despite the importance of the proteasome in the pathogenesis of tuberculosis, the molecular mechanisms by which proteasome activity is controlled remain largely unknown. Here, we demonstrate that the α-subunit (PrcA) of(More)
"777 oil" is a code drug of the Siddha system of medicine used in the treatment of Psoriasis. The drug is derived from the leaves Wrightia tinctoria by insolation, with coconut oil as base. The present study is aimed at comparing the drug prepared by insolation with that prepared in darkness.Analytical studies carried out in both the drugs showed difference(More)
"777 oil" is a coded drug of the Siddha system of medicine prescribed in Psoriasis. Sunlight plays an important role in the preparation of the drug as well as in the treatment of the cases.In vitro studies carried out with the drug exposed to sunlight for four hours showed an increase in acid and iodine values. The visible spectrum was changed in shape at(More)
"777 oil" a coded drug of Siddha system of medicine was prepared and analyzed in the paper. The drug showed 3.62, 13.57 and 266.9 Iodine value, acid number and saponification number respectively. The bark which was one of the ingredients in the drug was possessing 0.63% nitrogen in the acid soluble portion. The bark also exhibited proeolytic activity and(More)
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