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This paper proposes a formulation scheme for communication data protocol at the application layer that can adapt to heterogeneous smart objects which may arise in the case of Smart Home application. Mesh-based design WSN is an attempt to realize the Smart Home concept, where DigiMesh topology is chosen as the basic topology in experimental setup of WSN.(More)
Long Term Evolution (LTE) is one of the latest technologies in wireless communication field. It has features of higher data rates and low latency. LTE defines a number of channel bandwidths which causes FFT-IFFT in LTE must be configurable. In this paper, we present the efficient implementation of a parallel-pipelined configurable FFT/IFFT processor for(More)
Here we present a new design of a 64-point Fast Fourier Transform circuit. The design is derived from Radix-2<sup>3</sup> algorithm and implemented using Single Path Delay Feedback architecture. This approach ensures high memory and multiplier utilizations. The 64-Point FFT is realized by decomposing into two-dimensional structure of 8-point FFTs. Each of(More)
High mobility communication systems need suitable channel estimation to cope high frequency selectivity channel effect. In this paper we propose data pilot based channel estimation in downlink OFDMA for IEEE 802.16e standard (mobile WiMAX). The mobile WiMAX channel estimation can be done by exploiting pilot from preamble, in this paper we obtain channel(More)
In Digital Signal Processing, trigonometry and complex multiplications are used in many signal equations, such as synchronization and equalization. Therefore, a fast and an efficient method to calculate trigonometry and complex multiplications are required. Coordinate Rotation Digital Computer (CORDIC) is trigonometric algorithm <sup>[1]</sup> that is used(More)
Turbo code is a high performance channel coding which is able to closely reach the channel capacity of Shannon limit. It plays an important role to increase the performance in one of the latest standard in the mobile network technology tree, LTE [1]. In this paper, a new architecture of Turbo code encoder based on 3GPP standard is proposed. This(More)
This paper proposes timing synchronization for IEEE 802.16e OFDMA downlink. The proposed scheme utilizes the conjugate symmetry property of preamble structure. Therefore, prior knowledge of actual transmitted preamble type is not required. Considering hardware complexity, this paper proposes a new single correlation function for 114 different structures of(More)
This paper proposed a reconfigurable and flexible SoC architecture for various applications of wireless sensor network (WSN). The hardware-software system reconfiguration can be easy done because the systems utilize FPGA based SoC as a platform. The system also supports various network topologies and interfaces. The supported interface consists of I2C, SPI,(More)
We investigate low-density parity-check (LDPC) codes performance used in the IEEE 802.16e under different number of iterations. We use min sum algorithm and sum product algorithm to decode the LDPC codes in various modulation schemes. Simulations are done in Rayleigh channel. From our simulations, we can get better improvement in term of bit error rate(More)
In this paper, we introduced new methods in implementing ultra-fast-efficient BCH decoder that frequently used in many applications. A Reformulated inversionless-Berlekamp-Massey algorithm is adopted in order to eliminate the finite-field inverter and to reduce the hardware complexity. Furthermore, we proposed a Direct reformulated-inversionless(More)