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BACKGROUND Prevention providers wonder whether benefits achieved in the original, researcher-led, efficacy trials of interventions are replicated when the intervention is delivered in real-world settings by their agency's staff. METHODS A replication study was conducted at 2 public sexually transmitted disease (STD) clinics (New York City and San Juan,(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the diagnostic effectiveness of the AULA Nesplora test to discriminate the different ADHD presentations: impulsive/hyperactive (I/H), inattentive, and combined. METHOD A total of 117 students (76.9% male and 23.1% female) between 5 and 16 years of age (M = 11.18 years, SD = 3.10 years) participated, and were divided into three groups(More)
Antisocial behavior is strongly associated with academic failure in adolescence. There is a solid body of evidence that points to parenting style as one of its main predictors. The objective of this work is to elaborate a reduced, valid, and reliable version of the questionnaire by Oliva et al. (2007) to evaluate the dimensions of parenting style and to(More)
In this review, we discuss the historic evolution of ADHD research up until the present, and explain the actual theoretical models of writing in relation to ADHD and attention. Given the characterization of writing as a recursive process, and in order to show its relationship with attention disorders, examples of applicable writing models are also(More)
This work has as objective to study the influence of mixing hour in the concrete properties such as workability and compressive strength in hot and cold weather conditions from an industrially applied point of view. The foremost studied variable was the concrete mixing hour, having used five mixing hours for every weather conditions. For each mixing hour,(More)
Título: La velocidad de denominación y su efecto en variables atencionales y errores de lectoescritura en función del diagnóstico. Resumen: Si bien la velocidad de denominación, generalmente evaluada con pruebas como el RAN/RAS ha demostrado su utilidad en la predicción de ciertos errores lectores y dificultades atencionales, hasta el momento no se ha(More)
The electronic behavior of organic molecules, which could be considered as basic blocks of graphene nanoribbons, has been studied using Density Functional Theory and Non-Equilibrium Green Functions approaches. We have focused on the role that plays the molecule-metal contact, for this reason different configurations in the number and position of the(More)
The goal of this study is to design a new self-report, targeting adolescents, called the Cybervictimization Questionnaire (CYVIC), to assess the extent to which the informant is a victim of aggression by mobile phone or Internet, and to analyze its factor and criterion validity and reliability in a sample of adolescents of Asturias (Spain). For this(More)
This study has two main aims: (1) analysing the relationship between intellectual capacities and levels of creativity in a sample of Spanish students from the third and sixth grades; and (2) examining the discrimination capacities and degree of congruence among different tests of intellectual ability that are commonly used to identify high-ability students.(More)