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We report that regions of the honey bee brain involved in visual processing and learning and memory show a specific genomic response to distance information. These results were obtained with an established method that separates effects of perceived distance from effects of actual distance flown. Individuals forced to shift from a short to perceived long(More)
A new and cost-effective linker for the generation of carboxylic acid end groups on Multipin supports (SynPhase crowns) has been developed. Synthesis of the linker was based on modification of grafted polystyrene (PS) crowns to generate a hydroxyethyl moiety which is acid labile in 10-20% trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) in dichloromethane (DCM). Solid-phase(More)
A new aminoethyl-polystyrene linker, stable at low concentrations of TFA, has been developed for the solid phase synthesis of peptide amides. The described linker is stable under conditions which remove Bu(t) protecting groups (30-50% TFA in DCM) and the desired product can be finally cleaved off the solid support in 95% TFA (5% H2O). Model peptide amides(More)
The electron transport proteins have an important role in storing and transferring electrons in cellular respiration, which is the most proficient process through which cells gather energy from consumed food. According to the molecular functions, the electron transport chain components could be formed with five complexes with several different electron(More)
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