Trinh Chu Duc

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This paper presents the design, simulation and characterization of a new type of in-plane thermal unimorph, which utilizes composite SU-8/silicon microstructures. The unimorph consists of a silicon skeleton and SU-8 photoresist, which encapsulates the silicon skeleton. The silicon skeleton is asymmetric in shape, consisting of a straight segment and a(More)
An electro-thermal micro-gripper for both in-plane clamping and out-of-plane motion is presented. The device consists of both in-plane and out-of-plane actuators. Each gripper arm performs a 7.4 μm in-plane and a 14 μm out-of-plane motion at 1.6 V and 2.5V actuation voltage, respectively. The maximum temperature and power consumption are 180 °C and 26.5 mW(More)
Nowadays, navigation system has been receiving high demand for various kind of applications. Among these systems, Global positioning system (GPS) and Inertial navigation system (INS) are the most popular. In this paper, a 15-state Extended Kalman Filter is designed to integrate INS and GPS in a flexible way compared with many conventional integration. Based(More)
Like emerging devices, surface acoustic wave (SAW) sensors received considerable interest towards their integration within lab-on-chip and microfluidic structures. Rayleigh wave sensors are highly sensitive in detecting properties of gas in contact with their surface including mass change, viscosity, density, velocity and electrical conductivity. In this(More)
The possible creation of efficient liquid sensors on the nozzle is presented. The proposed surface acoustic wave (SAW) device utilizing Aluminum Nitride (AlN) single crystal as the piezoelectric substrate is based on the pressure variation due to the continuous droplet ejector. The design, specification and numerical simulation results are described. Output(More)
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