Trine Ytrestøyl

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Appearance, pharmacokinetics and distribution of astaxanthin all-E-, 9Z- and 13Z-geometrical and (3R,3'R)-, (3R,3'S)- and (3S,3'S)-optical isomers in plasma fractions were studied in three middle-aged male volunteers (41-50 years) after ingestion of a single meal containing first a 10-mg dose equivalent of astaxanthin from astaxanthin diesters, followed by(More)
Accumulation of lipids and carotenoids, including 4'-hydroxyechinenone (4'-hydroxy-beta,beta-carotene-4-one), growth and condition factor were investigated in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) transferred to seawater as 0+ and 1+ smolts. Salmon were fed a diet with 30 mg/kg astaxanthin (3,3'-dihydroxy-beta,beta-carotene-4,4'-dione) and 30 mg/kg canthaxanthin(More)
Astaxanthin enters circulation in salmonid fishes upon intraperitoneal injection (IP) of small doses. Blood uptake and tissue distribution of geometrical E/Z astaxanthin isomers were determined in tissues and plasma of duplicated groups of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss, initial weight 550 g) some of which were administered high doses of astaxanthin by(More)
The effects of feed intake, growth rate and temperature (8 and 12 degrees C) on apparent digestibility coefficients (ADC), blood uptake of individual astaxanthin E/Z isomers and metabolism of astaxanthin (3,3'-dihydroxy-beta,beta-carotene-4,4'-dione) were determined in Atlantic salmon. Accumulation of idoxanthin (3,4,3'-trihydroxy-beta,beta-carotene-4-one)(More)
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