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The Mediation Alternative: Process Dangers for Women
  • Trina Grillo
  • Law
    Discussions in Dispute Resolution
  • 1 April 1991
This article argues that mandatory mediation provides neither a more just nor a more humane alternative to the adversarial system of adjudication of custody and, therefore, does not fulfill its
Anti-Essentialism and Intersectionality: Tools to Dismantle the Master's House
I am pleased to be here today to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Berkeley Women 's Law Journal ("BWLJ"). From its inception, the BWLJ has devoted itself to giving voice to underrepresented
Obscuring the Importance of Race: The Implication of Making Comparisons Between Racism and Sexism (Or Other-Isms)
Between the time when the Duke Law Journal first solicited this Essay and the present, one of the authors, Trina Grillo, who is of AfroCuban and Italian descent, was diagnosed as having Hodgkin's
Privilege Revealed: How Invisible Preference Undermines America
Affirmative action remains a hotly contested issue on our political landscape, yet the institutionalized systems of privilege which uphold the status quo remain unchallenged. Many Americans who
Respecting the struggle: Following the parties' lead
Interventions that demonstrate respect for the parties, that acknowledge their process, and that support their personal struggle to express their ideas and feelings are hallmarks of effective
The Destroyers of Context : Prospectivity and Formal Equality
rules; the inclusion of emotions along with rational self-interest; and the introduction of self-determination in the place of an outside decisionmaker. Part III discusses the particular dangers to