Trimbak R. Sontakke

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Removing noise from the original signal is still a challenging problem for researchers. Wavelet transforms enable us to represent signals with a high degree of scarcity. Wavelet thresholding is a signal estimation technique that exploits the capabilities of wavelet transform for signal denoising. The aim of this paper was to study various thresholding(More)
Image denoising is a common procedure to suppress the quality degradation caused by noise. Several image denoising methods are proposed in literature. Amongst these Discrete Wavelet Transform-DWT Filters are very popular. Denoising using the DWT-Transform includes decomposition of the image into various sub bands and then modeling them as independent(More)
Nowadays, Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) plays a significant role in the image processing field. Images relevant to a given query image are retrieved by the CBIR system utilizing either low level features (such as shape, color etc, ...) or high level features (human perception). Normally, a semantic gap exists between the low level features and the(More)
In this paper, we report the results of Marathi (Language spoken in the state of Maharashtra, India) spoken digit recognition using General Fuzzy Min-Max Neural Network (GFMM NN)[1] and Modified General Fuzzy Min-Max Neural Network (MGFMM NN), which is obtained by modifying the transfer function of output layer of GFMM NN. I Introduction General Fuzzy(More)
Service Oriented Architecture A Revolution for Project Management Software has changed the way projects today are moving on the fly with the help of web services booming the industry. Service oriented architecture improves performance and the communication between the distributed and remote teams. Web Services to Provide Project Management software the(More)
An increasing number of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Internet applications rely today on data dissemination as their cornerstone, e.g., audio or video streaming, multi-party games. These applications typically depend on some support for multicast communication, where peers interested in a given data stream can join a corresponding multicast group. As a consequence,(More)
In this paper, we present a method for automatic recognition of isolated Marathi handwritten numerals in which Zernike moments and Fourier Descriptors are used as features. After preprocessing the numeral image, Zernike moment and the Fourier Descriptor features of the numeral are extracted. These features are then fed in the k-NN classifier for(More)
This paper based on the characteristic of contour let transform for image denoising, paper presents adaptive window algorithm which uses directional information from the contour let transform and structure information of image for image denoising. In this method each sub band of the contour let is first fixed by autocorrelation function of contour let and(More)
Project Management Software dramatically improves performance and the communication between the distributed and remote teams. Project Management software heightens the visibility and control of the application development lifecycle-giving a better control over the entire development process, from the management stage through development. The goal of Project(More)
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