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BACKGROUND The Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal is a developing country in South Asia with a population of 29.8 million. In September 2011, there were 18 medical schools with 14 being in the private sector. KIST Medical College is a private school in Lalitpur district. The present study was conducted to obtain information on student perceptions about(More)
In the last decade there has been a quantitative growth in medical schools in Nepal, a developing country in South Asia. Medical Humanities (MH) uses disciplines traditionally termed as the humanities in the pursuit of medical educational goals. The subject is slowly developing in Nepal. Sessions have been conducted at Manipal College of Medical Sciences,(More)
PURPOSE The effectiveness of physical examination skills (PES) training is very rarely assessed using the "post-then-pre" approach. In this study, a retro-pre-questionnaire was used to study the effect of structured physical examination skills training (SPEST) imparted to second-year undergraduate medical students. METHODS KIST Medical College (KISTMC)(More)
Considering the seriousness of pancreatic diseases and the utmost importance of its correct diagnosis and treatment, a morphometric study of pancreas among Nepalese population has emerged as a demand of present time. This study was carried out to establish a normal dimension of pancreas which could be a guideline for the correct diagnosis, treatment and(More)
INTRODUCTION Effective learning of physical examination skills (PES) requires suitable teaching and learning techniques and assessment methods. The Tribhuvan University (Nepal) curriculum recommends involving the departments of Medicine and Surgery in PES training (PEST) for second year students as a part of early clinical exposure. The project was(More)
We investigated the positioning of the epiglottis in the pharyngo-laryngeal region and the distribution of taste buds on the epiglottis in the rat and house shrew, animals which have different feeding habits. In the fixed samples of both species, when the mouth was closed or slightly opened, the epiglottis was found to protrude into the nasopharyngeal(More)
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