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We study a scheduling problem with changeover costs and capacity constraints. The problem is NP-complete and combinatorial algorithms for solving it have not performed well. We identify a general class of facets that subsumes as special cases some known facets from the literature. We also develop a cutting plane based procedure and reformulation for the(More)
Executive Summary The automobile market is growing at about 25% for the last three years. The number of persons per car is 200, which is very large compared to other emerging markets like Korea and Brazil which have about 12 persons per car. There is therefore a very huge untapped market. Uncertainty exists about the extent of growth, but a minimum growth(More)
Changes in the three components of geomag-netic ®eld are reported at the chain of ten geomagnetic observatories in India during an intense solar crochet that occurred at 1311 h 75° EMT on 15 June 1991 and the subsequent sudden commencement (SSC) of geo-magnetic storm at 1518 h on 17 June 1991. The solar ¯are e€ects (SFE) registered on the magnetograms(More)
Executive Summary In anticipation of rapid growth, the passenger car market in India is crowded with 18 companies trying to establish themselves. Most companies have joint ventures with Indian partners and have entered the market in the last two years. The number of new entrants over a narrow time window of two years is unprecedented. Demand forecasts vary(More)
Executive Summary The automotive industry in Korea, Brazil, China and India is currently going through impressive growth. Governments have played a key role in the evolution of the industry in all these countries. The Korean industry has made the most significant progress, and is now exporting cars to developed markets. It is the only country that invested(More)
The main aim of this project is ,this topology enables UPQC to have a reduced dc-link voltage without compromising its compensation capability. Three-phase, four-wire unified Power Quality (UPQC) to improve power quality. The UPQC is realized by the integration of series and shunt active power filters (APF) sharing a common dc bus capacitor. The realization(More)
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