Trijntje Cornelissens

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In this paper we describe the modelling of producer/consumer constraints with the CHIP system. Producer/consumer constraints arise in scheduling problems with consumable resources like raw materials or money, in particular for batch based processing. The constraint assures that at each time point enough consumable resources are available. The modelling with(More)
In this chapter we describe some experiences with using constraint visualization tools developed in the DiSCiPl project for the CHIP constraint programming system. We will first discuss their use on some standard examples where we can see how constraint visualization can be used to detect performance problems and which type of improvements we can suggest.(More)
We consider a selective vehicle routing problem, in which customers belonging to di‚erent partners in a logistic coalition are served in a single logistic operation with multiple vehicles. Each partner determines a cost of non-delivery (CND) for each of its customers, and a central algorithm creates an operational plan, including the decision on which(More)
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