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The Secret Dollhouse: Craft and Resistance in Stalinist Estonia
Abstract In 1944, as the Soviet Union conquered Estonia, severe repressions followed. A former military officer, Leonhard Lina, escaped the Soviet force and hid in his parents’ home farm. He had toExpand
An Era in Glass: Soviet Estonian Glass Factory Tarbeklaas and Finnish Glass Design
The aim of this article is to analyse the production of the factory Tarbeklaas, mostly the theory behind it, and to discuss the extent to which the Estonian and Finnish glass industries wereExpand
The System of Objects
Kitchen. Changing Space, Design and Applied Art in Estonia
9 8 D es ig n an d C ul tu re bleary-eyed optimists, it relied on these very clichés by using Leary’s Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out framework as its organizing principle. Despite these criticisms,Expand
Industrial designers within the Soviet Estonian design ideology of the Late Socialist period, 1965-1988
This thesis argues that a unique design ideology manifested in Soviet Estonia during the Late Socialist period. It was a combination of broader Soviet design ideologies concerned with materialExpand
Socialist elements in Soviet design ideology
Making and shaping things in creative economies
Abstract book for symposium “Making and shaping things in creative economies. From history to present day” organised by Vilnius University, 28-30 November 2019. This symposium studies the ways designExpand