Trieu-Tien Thai

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The neutral chloro complexes [(g-C5Me5)M(g-NC9H6O)Cl] as well as the cationic aqua complexes [(g-C5Me5)M(g-NC9H6O)(H2O)] (M = Rh, Ir) have been synthesized from the reaction of the dinuclear precursors [(g-C5Me5)MCl2]2 and 8-hydroxyquinoline. The single crystal X-ray structure analysis of [(g-C5Me5)Ir(g-NC9H6O)Cl] reveals for these complexes a piano-stool(More)
The single-crystal X-ray structure analysis of [RuCl(2)(C(12)H(18))(C(5)H(7)NO)] reveals a distorted piano-stool geometry around the Ru(II) atom, with a hexa-methyl-benzene ligand, two chloride ligands and a furfuryl-amine ligand, the latter coordinating through the amine group. In the crystal, a dimeric structure is observed as a result of N-H⋯Cl(More)
Based on a "transition metal frustrated Lewis pair" approach, a cyclopentadienone iron tricarbonyl complex has been designed and applied in the reductive amination and hydrogenation of bicarbonate. This well-defined phosphine-free complex displays the best activities reported to date for an iron complex in the reduction of bicarbonate into formate and in(More)
Arene ruthenium complexes [(h-arene)Ru(sacc)2(OH2)] (arene 1⁄4 para-cymeme, benzene) containing an aqua and two saccharinato ligands have been synthesized from [(h-arene)RuCl2]2 and sodium saccharinate in a water-ethanol mixture (1:1). The aqua complex [(h-MeC6H4Pr)Ru(sacc)2(OH2)] reacts with acetonitrile to give the acetonitrile complex(More)
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