Triet Le

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We propose a new variational model to denoise an image corrupted by Poisson noise. Like the ROF model described in [1] and [2], the new model uses total-variation regularization, which preserves edges. Unlike the ROF model, our model uses a data-fidelity term that is suitable for Poisson noise. The result is that the strength of the regularization is signal(More)
In this paper it is shown that an Ahlfors-David n-dimensional measure µ on R d is uniformly n-rectifiable if and only if for any ball B(x0, R) centered at supp(µ), R 0 x∈B(x 0 ,R) µ(B(x, r)) r n − µ(B(x, 2r)) (2r) n 2 dµ(x) dr r ≤ c R n. Other characterizations of uniform n-rectifiability in terms of smoother square functions are also obtained.
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