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This review paper compares the differences in prevalence, and environmental and genetic risk factors for Parkinson's disease between Chinese and Caucasian subjects. Comparison of age-specific prevalence between Chinese people and Caucasians suggests that the prevalence is lower in the Chinese (at least in the past), although the prevalence rate in China(More)
Caltrans 15. Supplementary Notes 16. Abstract This report documents the AHMCT research project, " Creating Standards and Specifications for the Use of Laser Scanning in Caltrans Projects. " 3D laser scanning standards and specifications for Caltrans applications were developed to promoted large-scale deployment of this technology into Caltrans day-today(More)
BACKGROUND although C-reactive protein (CRP) is widely used in younger populations, its value for diagnosing bacterial infection in older population is not well established. This study examined the usefulness of serum CRP level in the early detection of bacterial infection in older patients. METHODS in a prospective cohort study, consecutive patients aged(More)
OBJECTIVE This case illustrates an unusual physical sequel of psychogenic vomiting. CLINICAL PICTURE A 22-year-old man with a picture of psychogenic vomiting and marijuana use developed the complications of a pneumomediastinum and subcutaneous emphysema. TREATMENT Therapy included gradual exposure to anxiety provoking stimuli, psychotropics to reduce(More)
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