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Large deviations in single-file diffusion.
We apply macroscopic fluctuation theory to study the diffusion of a tracer in a one-dimensional interacting particle system with excluded mutual passage, known as single-file diffusion. In the case
Correlations of the density and of the current in non-equilibrium diffusive systems
We use fluctuating hydrodynamics to analyze the dynamical properties in the non-equilibrium steady state of a diffusive system coupled with reservoirs. We derive the two-time correlations of the
Long-range steady-state density profiles induced by localized drive.
We show that the presence of a localized drive in an otherwise diffusive system results in steady-state density and current profiles that decay algebraically to their global average value, away from
Pattern formation in fast-growing sandpiles.
  • Tridib Sadhu, D. Dhar
  • Computer Science
    Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and…
  • 13 September 2011
This paper describes the unexpected finding of an interesting class of backgrounds in two dimensions that show an intermediate behavior: for any N, the avalanches are finite, but the diameter of the pattern increases as N(α), for large N, with 1/2<α≤1.
Large Deviations in the Symmetric Simple Exclusion Process with Slow Boundaries
We obtain the exact large deviation functions of the density profile and of the current, in the non-equilibrium steady state of a one dimensional symmetric simple exclusion process coupled to
A sandpile model for proportionate growth
An interesting feature of growth in animals is that different parts of the body grow at approximately the same rate. This property is called proportionate growth. In this paper, we review our recent
Long-range correlations in a locally driven exclusion process.
It is shown that the presence of a driven bond in an otherwise diffusive lattice gas with simple exclusion interaction results in long-range density-density correlation in its stationary state and the same is correct in leading order in the strength of the drive at other densities.
Steady State of Stochastic Sandpile Models
We study the steady state of the Abelian sandpile models with stochastic toppling rules. The particle addition operators commute with each other, but in general these operators need not be
Generalized Arcsine Laws for Fractional Brownian Motion.
This work shows how the three arcsine laws for Brownian motion change for fractional BrownianMotion X_{t}, a non-Markovian Gaussian process indexed by the Hurst exponent H, and obtains the three probabilities using a perturbative expansion in ϵ=H-1/2.
Dynamical properties of single-file diffusion
We study the statistics of a tagged particle in single-file diffusion, a one-dimensional interacting infinite-particle system in which the order of particles never changes. We compute the two-time