Tridib Kumar Dutta

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Oxygenases are critical to cycling carbon in the biosphere and dependent on reductase action, principally from flavoprotein enzymes. Oxygenase diversity among organisms and strains carries a common theme of protein sequence and folding. p-Cymene (para-isopropyl toluene) was chosen as a point of convergence in terpene-aromatic mineralization to characterize(More)
This paper presents a visual secret sharing (VSS) scheme for general access structures by using random grids. Compared to the existing VSS schemes for general access structures, the proposed scheme generates the shares of same size as that of the original secret image and does not require any codebook prior to encryption process. With these advantages, the(More)
Visual cryptography is a new secure technology that distributes a secret image by separating it into a number of shares using different visual cryptography schemes (VCS). Early VCS schemes mainly focused on black-and-white secret images. Using a black & white VCS normally degrade the image quality and also suffered from a major drawback of pixel expansion,(More)
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