Tridib Kumar Dutta

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INTRODUCTION To determine the histological pattern of involvement, clinical presentation, impact on fertility in women with genital tuberculosis. METHODS A total number of 68 cases of gynaecological tuberculosis affecting different parts of female genital tract from 56 patients were selected. The age range of the patients was 17-36 years with mean age of(More)
Forty-nine patients with squamous carcinoma of the uterine cervix undergoing supervoltage 60Co radiotherapy were investigated to determine the significance of quantitation of eosinophils in the tumour tissue as well as in blood. The blood absolute eosinophil count (AEC) at presentation was higher in patients with Stages III and IV disease (0.52 +/- 0.09 x(More)
This paper presents a visual secret sharing (VSS) scheme for general access structures by using random grids. Compared to the existing VSS schemes for general access structures, the proposed scheme generates the shares of same size as that of the original secret image and does not require any codebook prior to encryption process. With these advantages, the(More)
A young women was treated with intravenous quinine and chloramphenicol for suspected severe malaria and/or typhoid fever. On the second day of quinine therapy (after 2.25 g of quinine) she suddenly developed total bilateral loss of vision. Both drugs were stopped and cyclandelate therapy was started. She showed slight improvement in vision but on referral(More)
96-h LC50 values of cadmium (Cd) to fish Labeo rohita and the copepod Diaptomus forbesi, determined by static bioassays, were, respectively, 89.5 and 10.2 mg/l. LC50 values increased significantly when fish pre-exposed to 100-350 mg/l CaO or 0.5-1.5 mg/l KMnO4 for 4 d and the copepod to 20-70 mg/l CaO or 0.25-1.0 mg/l KMnO4 for same period. The LC50 values(More)
Visual cryptography is a new secure technology that distributes a secret image by separating it into a number of shares using different visual cryptography schemes (VCS). Early VCS schemes mainly focused on black-and-white secret images. Using a black & white VCS normally degrade the image quality and also suffered from a major drawback of pixel expansion,(More)
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